Sabato Russo, the man behind Sartorial Monk, has no background in the fashion industry; instead he describes himself as a self-taught and self-made, with a great passion for architecture.

He enjoys developing his collections with a poetic spirit, where he can put his emotions into practice. Not to be confused with the word minimalism to describe his garments, Russo prefers to be associated with purism, he refers to Sartorial Monk as a philosophy.

Day to day, Sabato takes care of all the aspects of his collection, from design, to collection development to communication.

Enthusiastically, he reveals that the company will break even during its second year.  Now showing his fourth collection he never expected to receive any attention from Italian retailers. However, slowly reputable companies have started carrying the brand from the beginning, with good sales results.

Currently Sabato lives between Milan and Locorotondo a small town in Puglia, where most of the garments are made (jackets, pants and overcoats), and so far his successes have led him to the opportunity to showcase in Milan. When asked what the future holds, he sees himself showcasing in Paris.

He plans to continue to retail via specialty stores only and aims to get to 100/150 in the coming seasons and to expand with more design products.

With each sketch made from letters, upon seeing his designs they feel more like poetry than a technical drawing. “poetry is very personal but that is my way of transmitting my emotions”.

Much like societal norms, Russo expresses that he understands the importance of social media presence and aims to use Instagram in 2018 for the purpose of his business. Furthermore to plans for the coming year, his dream is to be able to host trunk shows with sample collections in several cities. For him he sees this as opportunity to display his creations to potential customers. Not only to get a direct feedback, but in his words,“to be able to truly express his concept and the inspiration behind it”.




article by Alessandro Agazzi

edited by Rakelle Maurici

photography courtesy of Sabato Russo


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