I can never find enough time to write on this website some articles about contents and ideas about what is happening in the industry today.

The long flight back from Japan was a great moment to put down some notes about what has been done in the first 12 months of my collaboration with De Petrillo.

One year after we started we’re happy to confirm a 30% growth on De Petrillo for the current year versus 2018.


“The” overcoat of FW19 part of the black and white theme


When I met Benny (Benedetto De Petrillo, CEO of the company) his goal was to increase the sales and he was wondering on how to (re)organize their sales agencies network. He asked me to join the company to coordinate all global sales and marketing activities 

After a few meetings (a couple with Fabrizio his oldest son working in the company as COO) we found an agreement primarily on what needed to be done to generate a healthy growth.

De Petrillo’s assets were brilliant and key to build further:

  • The company as it is today was founded in 2009 right after the 2008 big crisis, it is then now their 10th anniversary;
  • it’s a family-owned company, all decisions are taken around a small table in a very reasonable time. Not many Italian entrepreneurs are brave and intuitive today (which is SAD), happy to confirm that this is not the case with them.  
  • Honest family and equally “real” are the products that are made in their own manufacturing site. 
  • The company is based in the outskirts of Naples, globally known as the kingdom of tailoring. 


Benny is known for his knowledge and taste in working with fabrics and his ability to choose among hundreds of mills the best for his collections; but also find smaller mills to develop his own unique and exclusive cloths.

More and more exclusive designs are being used as of FW19 collection.

The pattern of the jacket has always been good. It’s been improved in order to fit a larger amount of possible customers, especially when aiming to sell in Central/Northern Europe. The jacket is now more generous in the waist and the overall fit is just right. This has been constantly reconfirmed during the recent trunk shows where different kind of men and bodies were trying on our garments, many of them for the very first time.

Graziano Saccone has joined the company a couple of months ago to improve the quality of the make and all the production process (both for RTW items and MTM orders). He has a solid experience and spent a few years at Cesare Attolini, Isaia and D’Avenza.

More improvements are being made in the make of all garments and whoever will try any FW19 garment will hopefully notice that the item looks better than in previous seasons.


FW19 Blazer in a cloth made as a reinterpretation of an archive cloth of the late 40’S



You get sales growing when you’re able to really attract your audience attention. A good product is very important but sadly not enough today. 

Working on the FW18 and SS19 photoshoots has been important to show more about the taste of the brand and get more curiosity around DP. I took care of the production of these photoshoots (thanks Benny!) together with Neil Watson who shot Nicolas Spiers for FW18 and Pierpaolo Spollon for SS19.


De Petrillo FW18 photo by Neil Watson

                                                                  De Petrillo SS19 photo by Neil Watson


A better job on the coordination of the collection, agree on attractive moodboards and improve all products part of the collection: this has allowed the company to show the collection – for the very first time – at Pitti Uomo in January 2019 (FW19) with a great response from international press and new buyers. 

So many things to do still, improve the storytelling and the “behind-the-scenes” of the production of the garments.

Create interesting and useful contents to share on depetrillo.it and Instagram account @de_petrillo (activities that we’ll do together with Cristiano De Petrillo).

If it’s true that the current markets situation does not allow an easy growth for a company who is primarily focused on classic tailoring, people are now looking more and more into the real “stuff to buy” and where they think they can find a correct value for the money they’re spending.

Having said that, it’s quite impressive to realize that company will grow for at least 30% in 2019 vs previous year, especially considering the current situation for comparable companies in Italy (the growth includes also all orders placed for FW19 being derivered in the next months, but does not include the sales generated for the other brand, Gaiola).

So much to do in the next weeks, Pitti Uomo in 10 days, the FW19 campaign to be shot shortly.

The best is yet to come, hopefully. Special thanks to Benny and Fabrizio De Petrillo for the excellent team work made so far and to Neil Watson for his precious support.

Alessandro Agazzi

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