Big Uncle is an Italian independent menswear brand founded in 2014 by Sabino Iebba and Riccardo Moroni.  We met for a coffee in their studio in Milan right after their FW18 presentation in Janaury.     First question I asked when I met them was related the meaning of the brand name. “Each one … Continue Reading


  Sabato Russo, the man behind Sartorial Monk, has no background in the fashion industry; instead he describes himself as a self-taught and self-made, with a great passion for architecture. He enjoys developing his collections with a poetic spirit, where he can put his emotions into practice. Not to be confused with the word minimalism … Continue Reading


  We came across the greek brand ME THEN because we loved the aesthetics of their design and their Instagram feed. Their website is opening this month and they will have an e-shop. All products are proudly made in Greece and prices in Europe are 75€ for sweaters, 40€ for tshirts, 110€ for pants and … Continue Reading

Wellema Hats and their goal to go into wholesale

  Could you explain the origins of the ‘Wellema’ name? Wellema is our family name. While from the start it was decided to have Wellema Hats incorporated into the company name, we also stumbled upon a book that was published in 1913. This book outlined how to make a hat and set up your company … Continue Reading