Brands vs Streetstyle: where should be the focus?


Not sure in which category of the website this article should go, and this is probably going to be an exception to the topics usually available on TheStyleism.

I usually prefer the website to have articles or conversations where the writer does not show his opinion. That’s why this is something different from what you have found so far and will read in the future.

Yet, I thought it could be interesting for some readers – as much as it is for me – to share a trend that has become more and more relevant among everyone attending Pitti Uomo and the other Fashion Weeks.

I have been forever a supporter of the industry (menswear and fashion in general) and my greatest esteem and respect always go to ALL the brands and manufacturers that do the maximum of efforts to have their collections available on time for the launch (whereas it is Pitti, Milan or Paris). That requires months of work of teams that have then few days to show their collections to those who should then work with it (buyers and editors).

My thoughts here are mainly referring to Pitti Uomo, where I stayed longer although quite busy with other projects (and therefore unable to work on a proper review of what the brands were showing).

Yeah, brands/manufacturers because that is the core of the industry. They are the ones to set the trends of what people should be wearing the following season – and not the other way round.

The strengthening of streetstyle, the increasing amount of photographers attending the fairs, and people waiting to be shot and then find their pictures on the “GQ Streetstyle” section is now a thing. Yet, again, I am not a fan of this phenomenon. Take Pitti Uomo for example, shouldn’t it be more interesting for those who cannot physically attend the Fair to see what the Italian brands (and now International brands too considering the great new areas that Pitti is showcasing season after season) are showing for next Fall Winter? Is a picture of a booth getting less “likes” than a popular guy walking inside the Fortezza?

It is true that if I want to see the new stuff of Boglioli, Lardini, Herno, etc I can check their IG accounts. But I’d be more happy to see photographers/magazines/blogs show more of the brands (and the new trends they show!) than always the same guys wandering around the Fortezza.

But what is again very worrying (yes worrying, at least for me), is that when I had the chance to briefly say hi to some buyers, they all say “too little inspiration this time” and I asked “oh, which booths are you referring to?” and they’re like “no, we refer to people here at Fortezza!”. And I’m like: “why are you talking about people and not about brands?” and the answers are “because some of those people and they way they dress have an impact on our customers”.

I remain a bit far from this general trend. I don’t even know how many people read the articles on TheStyleism (and I wish to remind you all that I do it for passion, not for business) but as far as I can, I will continue to bring the attention to the brands and their seasonal collections than to people. Should then the booths be more fun and dynamic then? For me the answer is yes! 4 days (at Pitti Uomo) of hanging clothes might look a bit boring today, so why not create more “events” each day at the booths? Buyers and Press should be more inclined to spend more time inside the Fortezza and less chatting outside.

Some of you might legitimately think: “Ale you are one of those!” because there are pics of myself as well and the fact that I post some of those pics means that I enjoy being shot. And somehow the reason why I do it is because I realize that those pics do have an impact on the business (mainly the companies/brands I work for). And by the way, that’s my account I am not a Magazine nor an Influencer.

I don’t expect to change the system after this article, of course. But hope to find someone that agrees with this and would be happy to see more product and a bit less of the usual faces each time they digit the hashtag #menswear or #PittiUomo

Thanks for reading !



words by Alessandro Agazzi

featured image by Jonathan Daniel Pryce @garconjon



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Condivido pienamente…..bravo ad aver saputo cogliere il punto!!!


Hi ale,

I totally agree with you. As a costumer of several off-line and on-line stores, i am always curious to see what the brands are offering, but to my surprise, there is little content when compared with the content of the people walking around the fortezza. i do not want to see those guys and the influencers or whatever you call them, but what the brands have worked hard on the last 6 months. That’s the essence of such events and that is what the people that do not attend to them should be curious about, at least i am!
well, this said, i do appreciate your point of view and i hope to keep on reading these kind of post more and more!

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