“The Styleism wants to provide a different vision of the fashion industry, 

something that is tastefully done but isn’t out of reach for most people,

classy but not over the top”


The blog is based on conversations with players in the industry, mainly some of the strongest menswear global retailers.

We find it interesting to explore what they think is relevant today to succeed in their business bearing in mind their customers’ approach being changed.

Similar interviews are done with menswear brands and designers on what they consider important when it comes to product, communication and sales strategy.

We are doing it with passion and hope to bring professional and interesting contents for our readers.



Alessandro Agazzi



Thank you for paving the way yet again for us, your peers, the industry and like minded souls.
Requires a lot of sacrifices, time away from the family, finding kind souls with similar vision and values.
BRAVO Alessandro, and from all of us, thank you my friend.


thank you very much Jonathan! Look forward to have a conversation with LC Via as well as soon as we both a bit of time!

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