•   Technical pitch: Nature of Trends and the trend of Nature     Pitti Uomo 94   The irony was not lost as the heavens opened on Pitti 94. I, being British and harbouring a keen interest in the weather, took advance warning of the impending rain. Armed with an umbrella, I splashed across the Fortezza de Basso towards the new ‘I Go Out’ exhibition on nature and the great outdoors. Meanwhile the many sartorial Pitti peacocks - whose plumes were not waterproof - sheltered from the impending storm. En route, I stopped in at luxury lifestyle performance brand Sease, (of Loro Piana family heritage,) where they explained that the…

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  •   During a visit to the surroundings of Naples a few months ago I met the gentlemen De Petrillo, owners of a small men's clothing atelier in Frattamaggiore. I would have liked to be able to gather some elements of that chat for an article on the site but it was not possible because many of the elements on which our Conversations are usually based were still in a somewhat primordial stage for them. And - as it's known - TheStyleism does not review people like "you are good!" "you are not!" but collects elements of a chat with the players of the industry and on which assets they use…

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The modern man today is more and more often mixing the garments in his wardrobe. He can wear bespoke one day and wear more casually the day after; and go for vintage/used garments or buy the latest hype sneakers. We are happy to feature brands and stores with a soul, they can be 100 years old or very new. Hope you will enjoy the contents! picture by Jonathan Daniel Pryce @garconjon