•   New York Fashion Week Men’s is always a difficult beast to discuss; full of a slurry of different designers, small and large, many of whom attempt to capitalize on New York’s workwear and streetwear hype to gain momentum for their sometimes indistinguishable collections. It would be difficult to discuss the collections without mentioning the decision to combine both Men’s and Women’s into one week; a fitting segue from our own Sarah Ann Murray’s concern that without enough big names, London Men’s legitimacy would reduce to the point where a merger with London Women’s would be necessary to save face. But, although a merger may very well spell the end…

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  •   Big Uncle is an Italian independent menswear brand founded in 2014 by Sabino Iebba and Riccardo Moroni.  We met for a coffee in their studio in Milan right after their FW18 presentation in Janaury.     First question I asked when I met them was related the meaning of the brand name. “Each one of us has a very cool uncle who somehow inspires us when we work on the moodboards; so this is how the name came out”.   AA "Why did you dedice to launch a menswear brand? what was the reason behind it?" BU: “We wanted to create something that we felt was lacking around. So…

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The modern man today is more and more often mixing the garments in his wardrobe. He can wear bespoke one day and wear more casually the day after; and go for vintage/used garments or buy the latest hype sneakers. We are happy to feature brands and stores with a soul, they can be 100 years old or very new. Hope you will enjoy the contents! picture by Jonathan Daniel Pryce @garconjon